Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sony RX1 Review

Sony RX1 Review
Sony RX1
I recently had the chance to use my friends Sony RX1. I have posted many reviews about this camera on different forums. If I could give this camera more stars than Amazon’s 5 star rating, I definitely would.  This little titan of a camera has superb quality for under $5,000. The frame sensor is amazing. I own a Leica M9 for over $6000 and wish I waited till used my friends Sony RX1. Even using the f/2 and jPEG mode, the picture quality is near superb.  I realize that many will purposely hate this camera without even trying it, because the cost is a fraction of what they probably paid for theirs with similar specs.  It’s not as small as a cell phone, but fits comfortably in my jackets, as it is not bulky at all.

The only downsides I noticed while handling this camera were the LCD was challenging to use in bright areas. The autofocus could be a little faster. And like all electronic devices , the battery life of the Sony RX 1 could be longer. I always carry extra rechargeable batteries with me.
But if you want a camera that has amazing image quality with the sharpest photos, the Sony RX1 should be on your list as it is a complete camera that’s a fraction of the cost of the competition.
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